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The ESCAPE Technology

The ESCAPETM Technology

The enhanced single cell analysis with protein expression (ESCAPE) platform represents a suite of technologies developed by Proteona using DNA barcoded antibodies. It empowers us to obtain both proteomic and genomic information from the same single cells.

Maximize information

Maximize Information

With the power of the ESCAPE platform, you can now phenotype cells based on protein panels measuring >50 protein markers, while simultaneously measuring all potential mRNAs in each cell. ESCAPE provides the greatest insights possible into clinically important samples.

Global presence

Global Presence

Based in Singapore with additional operations in the US and Germany, Proteona has been assisting clinical laboratories around the world with their ESCAPE kit, sample-to-answer services, and bioinformatics support.


Sample-to-answer service

Sample-to-answer service

Enables users to phenotype cells using standard protein markers and then gain a deeper understanding of cell activity based upon their gene expression profiles.

Informatics support

Bioinformatics support

With a strong informatics team, Proteona offers additional bioinformatic support for more difficult biological problems.

The ESCAPE kit

Ready-to-use ESCAPE kit

For experienced users, Proteona provides a reagent kit for processing samples at your site, with access to our analysis tools for combining protein and nucleic acid data.

Analysis tools

Basic data analysis tools

Whether used as a service or a kit, Proteona reagents are combined with basic analysis tools that can be used on the cloud or hosted in-house.

Innovative genomic and proteomic analysis platform for immuno-oncology and immune profiling applications


ESCAPE RNA Sequencing

Enhanced Single Cell Analysis with Protein Expression

Binding Proteona Antibodies
Single Cell Barcoding of RNA and Protein
Sequencing RNA and Protein Libraries
Phenotype cells based on known cell surface protein markers.
Highly multiplexed protein data compatible with current flow cytometry data.
Perform Gene expression analysis for unbiased discovery.
Access to Proteona’s interactive analysis tools.
CD8A protein expression
CD8A Protein Expression
Clustering based on protein expression
IFN-gamma RNA expression
IFN-gamma RNA expression
Sample-to-anwer service

Sample-to-answer service

PBMC profiling
PBMC profiling
Whole tumor analysis
Whole tumor analysis
Cell therapy characterization
Cell therapy characterization


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  • 10 June 2019

Proteona releases CAR T characterization product based on ESCAPE

Proteona Pte. Ltd. today announced the launch of its latest ESCAPETM proteogenomics assay designed specifically for Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell...

  • 10 December 2018

Release of ESCAPE RNA seq for single cell protein and RNA measurement

Proteona announced today the launch of their first commercial product line, ESCAPE™ RNA Sequencing for clinical ProteoGenomics. ESCAPETM

  • 23 October 2018

Proteona licenses ESCAPE technology for single cell RNA and protein analysis

Proteona Pte. Ltd. has entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with the National University of Singapore (NUS) for Enhanced Single Cell Analysis…


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Scientific Co-founder


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Scientific Co-founder


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Scientific Co-founder


Yingting Wang

Director of Development


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